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About Simple® Skincare

Simple® is over 50 years old and yes, we look fabulous for our age. We know that using only the kindest ingredients pays dividends when it comes to looking and feeling good. In 1960, we introduced perfume and colour-free soap, recommended by doctors for sensitive skin. In 1978 we launched our famous cleanse, tone and moisturise regime. Fast forward to 2013 and we now have a huge range of skincare solutions all containing nothing but goodness. For more information on our product range visit www.simple.co.uk

The Simple® Advisory Board

The Simple Advisory Board consists of four experts in Nutrition, Fitness, Psychology and Skincare working together to provide you with holistic lifestyle advice and education on all factors affecting skin health.
Caroline Frazer
Celebrity Makeup Artist
Anna Reich
Fitness Expert
Fiona Hunter
Dr. Christine Bundy

Caroline Frazer has been working with Simple for the past five years and now joins the Simple Advisory Board as the Skincare Expert.

Caroline knows and sees first hand the impact of a good skincare routine on skin health – not only helping keep it clear and healthy but improving the tone, texture and helping fight the signs of ageing.

Healthy skin is crucial for providing the right canvas for applying make-up to enhance the natural beauty of a client or model, helping them look and feel at their best.

Caroline first developed her passion for skincare when she had her own beauty salon, working as a fully qualified Beauty Therapist.  Now one of the UK’s leading celebrity make-up artists with 15 years experience, her client list extends from public figures such as Tony Blair to super models like Jodie Kidd for fashion and beauty shoots.

Caroline has also worked on films, advertising campaigns and more than 150 fashion shows in London, Paris, Milan and New York. She also regularly appears on This Morning as a beauty expert for their makeover features.


Anna Reich joined the Simple Advisory Board in March 2012 as the Simple Fitness Expert. 
A good fitness or exercise regime is well understood as a necessary part of achieving a healthy lifestyle. “It’s not magic, it’s science”, says Anna. “Through exercise you can teach yourself how to be in better control of your life, which in turn has a positive impact on your skin health.”
Anna firmly believes that there is a form of exercise out there for everyone to enjoy, but it’s up to you to take that leap of faith and find out what works for you; and your skin.
Anna continues: “In the short-term exercise increases the blood flow and circulation which instantly radiates through your skin providing a clearer complexion, improved skin tone and condition. In the long term, exercise helps build muscle which produces collagen and collagen is the key to helping your skin look younger for longer.”


Fiona Hunter joins the Simple Advisory Board as the Simple Nutritionist.

Fiona is a highly respected and experienced Nutritionist and Food Writer, beginning her career as a dietician in the NHS so is passionate about what goes into our bodies and the impact that this has on overall health.

Diet is the most important contributing factor to health – a balanced diet not only impacts our weight and internal organ function, but also our mental health, all of which are reflected in our skin condition. Poor diet can result in poor skin health, shown through dull, flaky skin, tiredness and dark circles under our eyes, as well break-outs of spots and inevitably weight gain.

With over 25 years experience in this field, Fiona is also a successful author, writer and broadcaster. Her commentary and work has appeared in national newspapers (Daily Telegraph and the Mail on Sunday), and in magazine features, using recipes and diet plans (BBC Good Food, Prima and Essentials.)


Dr. Christine Bundy joins the Simple Advisory Board as the Simple Psychologist.

The impact that our state of mind and mental health has on our bodies is well documented – living with stress is a part of modern life, but it does take a toll on both physical appearance and skin condition.

Likewise, for those with poor skin health the psychological impact can be significant, such as a loss of confidence or even depression.

Dr. Chris is particularly concerned with the psychological effects of long term conditions such as diabetes and psoriasis. Diabetes is a fast growing condition of the 21st Century and can create significant skin health disorders, including thickened skin and pigmentation discolouration.

Dr. Chris is currently researching the role of beliefs about psoriasis, depression and glucose control for diabetes, to understand how to enhance motivation and help self-management of these conditions. She has recently developed an internet-based psychological treatment programme for people with psoriasis which is in the test phase.

Simple® Sense

At Simple, we believe that great skincare should be straightforward. No nonsense, no confusing claims, just good skincare which is easily understood for everyone, everyday. We've combined over 50 years experience, a lot of scientific research and the expertise of the Simple Advisory Board to provide you with a personalised skincare routine tailored to you and your lifestyle. With a few simple changes, improving the look and feel of your skin is achievable. Try it and see the results for yourself!

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